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Governor Parson makes proclamation recognizing HeroFundUSA during telethon with FOX4

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Local fire and police departments will soon be able to buy new tools to help save lives – thanks to your generosity.

Thursday, FOX4 partnered with HeroFundUSA, a nonprofit out of Blue Springs that raises money to help police and fire do their jobs better. FOX4 took part in its annual telethon at Molle Toyota in south Kansas City, and were joined by Missouri Governor Mike Parson, who made a special proclamation that you can watch in the video.

Local police and fire departments in both Kansas and Missouri can apply for grants to buy things like thermal imaging cameras, body armor and turnout gear, which are the fireproof suits firefighters wear. Typically, tight budgets don’t allow them to buy those tools, so the funds given out by HeroFundUSA helps.

“There are so many gaps between what departments can afford in their budget structure and what the needs are today. There are emerging threats out there, and frankly, new developing technologies that address those threats. Like the drones,” HeroFundUSA Executive Director Darrell Smith explained.

All of the proceeds from the telethon stay local to help fire and police departments do their jobs better and safer. You can learn more about donation levels and HeroFundUSA at this link.

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