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HeroFund USA Dispatch - 2nd Quarter Newsletter, 2020

KCTV5 News to again host First Responder Safety Telethon

Brad Stephens, News Anchor, KCTV5 News
Brad Stephens, News Anchor, KCTV5 News

This fall, KCTV5 is excited to once again host a telethon that we feel is of the utmost importance to so many people in the Kansas City metro area. On September 11th we will be asking our viewers to consider supporting the men and women who risk their lives to help keep others safe. KCTV5 is proud to partner with HeroFundUSA to raise much-needed funding to help support our local First-Responders and keep them safe. During this time when many departments are cutting budgets and trying to do more with less, it is paramount that through public and private donations we do everything we can to give officers, firefighters, and all First-Responders the equipment they need to perform their jobs safely. Shortly after last year’s HeroFundUSA telethon, we were thrilled to learn some of the money raised made it possible for the Grandview Police Department to purchase its first drone. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. HeroFundUSA has provided water rescue equipment, ballistic vests, firefighter gear, thermal imaging cameras and so much more to nearly 30 local First-Responder agencies.

We want to congratulate and thank everyone who helps make HeroFundUSA the special organization it is. We’re proud to be your partner and are eager to work with you to help the First-Responders who never hesitate to help others. See you September 11th.

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Herofund USA

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Dining with Heroes event flyer November 12, 2020
Behind the Siren…
Cop car with lights flashing

When the quarantining caused by Covid-19 first started I was enjoying a pleasant afternoon on our patio at home when I heard sirens near our neighborhood. While this is not uncommon, I took pause and reflected on something one of our First-Responder spouses, ‘Connie’ said to me one day…”Every time I hear a siren I stop what I’m doing and say a prayer for the First-Responders behind that siren asking God to keep them safe and return them home to their families after the call.” ‘Connie’ is like so many First-Responder spouses in her sentiments. In fact, ‘Connie’ lost her Fire Fighter husband some 3-years ago in a line-of-duty accident. That accident prompted the first two checks HeroFundUSA, Inc. wrote in our early history in the summer of 2017. Presently, I’m compiling a series of thoughts, stories, and background histories of many of our First-Responder friends into a series called ‘BEHIND THE SIREN’. Below are some thoughts from ‘Brooke’ whose husband is a law enforcement officer. Her story and her thoughts are compelling. We are sharing her story as the first in our ‘Behind The Siren’ series…

Tonight, my police officer husband, myself and our three sons went out to dinner on a Wednesday. As we parked and got out I realized I had a police shirt on and I told my husband to unlock the door so I could put the shirt on inside out. I could not risk my family’s food to be tampered with or us being harassed with my children around. Please re-read what I just wrote. This is my life right now as a spouse of a law enforcement officer. A month ago, my husband and our children rode in his police car in a miles-long procession honoring a police officer that had been killed in the line of duty. During the procession there were MILES of people from the community with signs and lights and cheers supporting what law enforcement officers do. Now the people are silent. Today I switched my shirt to not be targeted by someone who opposes law enforcement. I firmly believe that we are not handed anything we cannot handle, and being a police officer's wife by far is the hardest job I have ever had. We all know how strong the thin blue line is, but so many have forgotten about the line that stands behind the blue line. Officers have seen the worst of the worst, especially now, especially mine, but what many may not know is their support at home, their significant other is their sounding board. Many nights I have gone to bed letting my husband tell me about his calls only to stay awake and pray for everyone involved including my husband. Tossing and turning about the images he just put into my head while also playing it cool so he would be able to just get it out and be able to sleep without the burden of what he saw. While officers might be the peacemakers in the community, we are the ones that stand behind them, we are the ones keeping the peace at home so when their shifts are over they can return to a normal life. We take on a huge burden of what the community throws at the officers. We are the ones that explain to our children that their Daddy or Mommy are brave and that not everyone hates them and that they are heroes. Lately, I have had discussions with my husband that just aren’t normal. We discuss retirement and quitting, funerals and injuries. All of these discussions are heavy for anyone. As a police officer's wife these are discussions in passing, as he is leaving to take on another round of riots. Our families have been targeted and called terrible names; we have been treated horribly lately. What our officers and their families need more than ever now is support. We need to hear support from everyone because this is the loneliest I have ever felt as a law enforcement family.

All of us at HeroFundUSA, Inc. ask you to please pray daily for our local HEROES – Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement Officers, and Emergency Medical Services personnel. In 2020 to date, we’ve provided immediate financial support to the families of five (5) First-Responders who have died in the line-of-duty…that’s too many; we’d rather be funding safety equipment (our primary mission) so they can return home safely to their families. Won’t you join us in praying for our First-Responders and perhaps in financially supporting the First-Responder SAFETY mission of Hero-FundUSA, Inc.?

K State Bank Hero Program Flyer
In Memoriam…

2020 has been a challenging year, to say the least. To date, this year, we’ve provided critical, immediate financial support to the families of five (5) First-Responder families in the aftermath of a line-of-duty death. This list includes two (2) Fire Fighters, one (1) Emergency Medical Technician, and two (2) Law Enforcement Officers…

CHUCK MCCORMICK, West Peculiar, MO Fire Fighter

BILLY BIRMINGHAM, Kansas City, MO Emergency Medical Technician

MIKE MOSHER, Overland Park, KS Police Officer

DAVID JAMESON, Independence, MO Fire Fighter

ANDY CLARK, DeKalb County, MO Sheriff

We honor the life service of these distinguished public servants and ask that you keep their families in your prayers. And please continue to pray daily for the safety and wellbeing of ALL of our First-Responder HEROES.

Area Fire Departments Facing Budget cuts in COVID-19 Economic Challenges

While the full extent of the cutbacks many area fire departments are facing is yet to be known, Fire Service personnel are bracing for hard times ahead. While the compromise to public safety is obvious, reducing the number of firefighters on duty at any given time creates hazardous situations for the firefighters on the frontline of any fire scene or other emergency environment. Add to this, de-creased spending on safety gear designed to keep firefighters safe further increases the risks they face with every call. While HeroFundUSA, Inc. doesn’t pretend that we can fill the financial gaps created by impending governmental cut-backs resulting from the current revenue shortfalls caused by quarantining, we ask you to keep Fire Fighter SAFETY in mind when you are making decisions on where your philanthropic giving can do the greatest good in our communities throughout Missouri and Kansas. ALL FIRST-RESPONDERS DESERVE OUR FULL SUPPORT!

$19 Per Month/63 Cents Per Day

Can you afford to donate just 63-cents a day to a worthy cause? If so, we encourage you to join the HeroFundUSA, Inc. $19/month donation campaign. Simply click on the donate icon in the upper-right corner of our website to join the campaign. Or, text; herofund to 44321 to set up your monthly (or one-time) donation of $19 per month, or any amount you choose. All funds will be put to good use in providing safety equipment and resources to support our local HEROES – Fire Fighters, Emergency Medical Services Personnel, and Law Enforcement Officers. In recognition of your monthly gift, you will receive your choice of a HeroFundUSA, Inc. hat or long-sleeved tee-shirt (please indicate your preference and size in your comments with your first donation).

First Responder Safety Telethon 2020 flyer being held on Friday, September 11, 2020, from 6:00am to 6:30pm

First-Responder Blend Coffee from the Roasterie

First-Responders Coffee Now Available Online at

We have fielded numerous inquiries about purchasing our HeroFundUSA, Inc. First -Responders Blend Coffee, which debuted at the inaugural Dining With Heroes event last November. This bold and balanced dark blend, with hints of milk chocolate, honey, and creamy peanut butter, was an instant success!

As a means of providing meaningful support to the First-Responder SAFETY mission of HeroFundUSA, Inc. I’m pleased to announce that our FIRST-RESPONDERS BLEND COFFEE is now available online at

Click here to order our specific First-Responders Blend Coffee.

Start your day with this delicious coffee, and help support HeroFundUSA’s mission for our First-Responders.

Save these important 2020 dates…
  • Golfing “Fore” Heroes: Wednesday, October 7th

  • First-Responder Safety Telethon on KCTV5 on September 11th

  • Dining With Heroes, November 12th at Olde Mill Emporium in Parkville, MO

Herofund USA Golfing 'Fore' Heroes 2020 flyer Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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