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Helping Our Hero's

HeroFundUSA, Inc. was founded to provide added safety equipment and other preventative measures to keep First-Responders (Police officers, Fire Fighters, and EMS personnel) safe.

Items typically funded:

(50/50 match)


  • Police – Body armor, ballistic helmets & shields, outer-carrier vests,  K9 vests & related safety gear, drones, safety partitions, communication equipment, throw ropes & related water rescue gear, stop sticks, and more.


  • Fire – bunker/turnout gear, helmets & headlights, body armor, thermal imaging cameras, drones, communication equipment, gas detection meters, water rescue gear, throw ropes, particulate-blocking hoods, and more.


  • EMS – gloves, face shields, body armor, ballistic helmets, and more.​


Funded items in our program of services will be amended and increased as technologies and needs increase.

Safety Equipment Funding Request Form

We are dedicated to funding added safety equipment and other preventative measures for First-Responders.

First Responder
Prayer Request Form

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