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Helping Our Heros

HeroFundUSA, Inc. was founded to provide added safety equipment and other preventative measures to keep First-Responders (Police officers, Fire Fighters, and EMS personnel) safe.

Examples of Items Funded:

(50/50 match)


  • Police – Body armor, ballistic helmets & shields, outer-carrier vests,  K9 vests & related safety gear, drones, safety partitions, communication equipment, throw ropes & related water rescue gear, stop sticks, and more.


  • Fire – bunker/turnout gear, helmets & headlights, body armor, thermal imaging cameras, drones, communication equipment, gas detection meters, water rescue gear, throw ropes, particulate-blocking hoods, and more.


  • EMS – gloves, face shields, body armor, ballistic helmets, and more.​


Eligible safety equipment may change as technologies develop and needs increase.

Safety Equipment Grant Application


Grant applications window is currently acceptance window is January 1 - February 28, 2025.

At that time, applications will be accepted from Departments in MISSOURI, KANSAS & Southern ARIZONA only.

First Responder
Prayer Request Form

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