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Keep America's Heroes Safe

Ways you can support:

We hold a number of event throughout the year. Check them out today.


Our sponsors enjoy positive exposure and exclusive networking opportunities.


Make a tax deductible donation‏.


  Contact us to be a part of something great. 


At HeroFundUSA, Inc. we pride ourselves in having administrative costs among the lowest in the non-profit field.  We do so by soliciting donations earmarked specifically to offset our modest administrative expenses such as office rent, salaries and other operating costs.  You can donate here to help us further offset our expenses thus allowing a higher percentage of public support to go directly into new, state-of-the-art First-Responder SAFETY equipment and resources. Call us or email us to discuss with our team.

When planning your will, trust or other ‘legacy’ donations, please consider designating a major gift from your estate to support the First-Responder SAFETY mission of HeroFundUSA, Inc.  Our Team can assist you and your estate planner in designating a portion of your estate or an ongoing gift from your ‘required minimum distributions’ from your retirement account(s) to support our local HEROES.  Call us or email us to discuss with our team.

HeroFundUSA, Inc. invests regularly in new, state-of-the-art First-Responder SAFETY equipment and resources from US-based manufacturers and their vendor partners.  If you and your company would like to forge a partnership with us in support of our local HEROES.  Personal protective gear manufacturers, drone manufacturers & vendors, electronics manufacturers & vendors of equipment such as radios, gas meters, thermal imagers and more are all interested in partnering with HeroFundUSA’s quest to keep our local HEROES safe.  Call us or email us to set up a meeting to discuss possibilities.

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