HeroFundUSA, Inc. was founded to provide added safety equipment and other preventative measures toward keeping First-Responders – Police officers, Fire Fighters and EMS personnel safe, and to support their families in times of crisis such as line-of-duty injury and death. As such,please limit requests to items that will ensure greater safety and well-being to police, fire and EMS personnel. We fund certain safety equipment for police cars, ambulances and fire apparatus, but we do not fund the purchase of complete vehicles/apparatus.


If you are someone who is looking for support, and would like to make a request to the organization for supplies or other types of support please submit a request to Hero Fund USA, Inc below.  Safety Items included in our our program of services are listed below for your reference.  If you do not see what you are looking for on our below, please continue to submit your request. We will evaluate the requests as they come in, and will contact you if we have further questions about your request.  


  • POLICE – Narcan, night-vision equipment, weapon-mounted lights, handheld fingerprint scanners, school resource officer (SRO) gun safes, throw phones, body armor, vehicle armor, robots and drones, [dash and body cameras are low priorities, but worth considering requests], bean-bag shotguns, tazers, K9s and radio communications equipment (much currently used is out-dated), Star Chaser Technology. ​


  • FIRE – gloves, bunker gear, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), thermal imaging cameras, body armor, baby/cleansing wipes, cancer-reducing hoods, auto-pulse machines


  • EMS – power-load cot fastening systems, body armor, stat-track fastening systems, auto-pulse machines


  • Line-of-duty injury/fatality funding provided.


  • Other considerations

      Items funded will be amended and increased as                                technology and needs increase.