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HeroFundUSA Advocates for National Firefighter Appreciation Week

Annually, the National Police Officers’ and EMS Appreciation Weeks are the 2nd and 3rd week of May, respectively. There’s also a First-Responders’ Day on October 28th each year.

But what’s missing here?

National Firefighter Appreciation Week!

There isn't even a national day designated to honor and thank our heroes in fire service (note; there is an annual International Firefighter Appreciation Day on May 4, but we do not have a national day in the USA).

All of us at HeroFundUSA, Inc. honor, respect and thank all of our First-Responder heroes and we believe there should be a designated week in the USA in which we herald the selfless dedication of our Firefighters.

That said, we are reaching out to our local and national legislators to initiate the process of designating a special week to honor our firefighters.

Please join us in this effort by contacting your elected State officials – Representatives, Senators, Statewide office holders, Governor and others. Similarly, please contact your US Senator and Representative to seek their endorsement to introduce a bill in Congress to add a Firefighter Appreciation Week to our National schedule of recognition of these dedicated, selfless heroes!

You can also help us by donating to our cause or supporting in other ways. We invite you to learn more by browsing our website or contacting us.

Support America's Heroes today!

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