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Support Kansas City-area first responders with FOX4 and HeroFundUSA

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — FOX4 and HeroFundUSA are teaming up to support first responders and emergency workers across the Kansas City area.

You can watch live throughout the day on Thursday, Sept. 9 as FOX4 hosts the an all-day telethon, raising money for local law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical personnel.

All funds raised will stay within the Kansas City area to provide funding for safety needs.

“The daily perils faced by first responders require our efforts to ensure they get to go home to their loved ones,” FOX4 General Manager Tracy Brogden Miller said.

During the telethon, you’ll hear stories from multiple Kansas City agencies that have already received help from HeroFundUSA for new safety equipment and resources.

The nonprofit is dedicated to enhancing the safety of all first responders throughout the nation. Since its founding in 2016, HeroFundUSA, Inc. has provided safety equipment funding to 32 departments throughout Missouri and Kansas while also providing immediate funding to the families of 21 first responders following line-of-duty death and/or critical injury.

If you’d like to donate now, ahead of the telethon, visit HeroFundUSA’s website here.

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